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Counselling Insights

The Silent Man

The Silent Man Is it true that men have more difficulty expressing their feelings? We know that here in the western world it has been traditional for us to encourage our little boys not to cry, to put on a…

How Should I feel After An Affair?

How am I supposed to feel after I have discovered an affair?

Why I Should Love Myself

Why punish the body that you have? Lets face it, there is only so much you can change and even when you’ve changed it you’ll probably want to make other adjustments. Body’s are body’s, they are built for a purpose, we have features that have functions, they are not there just to be pretty to everyone, the art is making them pretty if you want to.

Am I Passive Aggressive?

While watching loose women I wondered am I passive aggressive?

My Marriage is in Trouble

The latest statistics for the UK show that 42% of marriages end in divorce. This is a staggering amount but all of us now know someone who is divorced compared to a hundred years ago when divorce was more frowned upon. Is it more acceptable?

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